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Do not get a paper phone book
Instead of getting a paper phone book. Use a online directory instead.

Sharing the Workload - Sharing Jobs

People volunteering for local groups have a varying amount of time they can donate and different skills. It is important that people get a chance to offer to help in the way that they want to. A method which does this in a non-confrontational way – people not needing to volunteer in front of other people or being bullied into helping – is by breaking down all the work that needs doing and writing the jobs on separate cards. Over a tea or coffee break, everyone can look at the cards and see what they would like to do. Once everyone has had a chance to look at the cards then the group can see what jobs still need doing and try to sort out how they can get done. Also, because more than one person can write their name on one card, people in the group can sort out amongst themselves how they will share jobs.

The following is a list of regular jobs (these could be written on the cards before a meeting). Not all the jobs need to be done by every group. They are provided here just to give an idea of the type of work people can do. The jobs could include:

booking meeting rooms – organising an agenda for the meeting – chair meetings – organise teas and coffees for meetings – photocopying – designing leaflets and posters – delivering leaflets and posters – writing newsletter articles – keeping a membership list – organising socials – helping on street stalls – writing letters – campaigning on issues – researching – fundraising – telephone contact for the group – postal contact for the group – treasurer – press liaison – etc…

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