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Please Support the Bullington Cross Wind Farm

Hampshire Energy Group

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Hampshire Energy Group promotes community ownership of renewable energy in Hampshire. Our first project is to encourage local ownership of the proposed Bullington Cross Wind Farm.

Your help is needed to do two things:

1. Support the current planning application by emailing your council. Click here to do this via our website
2. Forward this email to your friends and ask them to help show their support. Click here to Forward to a Friend

What’s it all about? The proposed Bullington Cross Wind Farm
EDF Renewable Energy has submitted a planning application to build a wind farm at the junction of the A34 and A303 at Bullington Cross in North Hampshire. The farm straddles three separate council areas – Basingstoke and Deane, Test Valley and Winchester. HEG want the community to have partial ownership of the farm. In principle EDF Renewable Energy have agreed to this.

Bullington Cross is one of the very few suitable sites in Hampshire for a wind farm because:

– It’s situated at the cross roads of two of the county’s busiest roads.
– It’s 3km away from the nearest village.
– It’s not in a national park or area of outstanding natural beauty.
– It’s in one of the windiest spots of the county.
– The land can still be used for agriculture, as it is now.

Want to know more about wind farms? Click here for the facts on our website

You can find out more information about Hampshire Energy Group, the Bullington Cross Wind Farm and Community Energy by visiting our website at or by emailing [email protected]

Showing your support is important, but very easy. All you need to do is email the three local councils and say you support the wind farm. You can do this automatically from our website. Click here Your support for making Hampshire greener is just a click away.

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