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New oil threat looms over England's national park land, campaigners warn

More than 71,000 hectares of protected countryside in the south-east face risk of drilling

Parts of the South Downs national park, above, in Weald, are at risk from oil and gas exploration, says Greenpeace. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo


Published on The Guardian website on 15th March 2018
Story by Adam Vaughan


More than 71,000 hectares (177,000 acres) of protected countryside, including national park land, in the south-east of England are at risk from a new wave of oil drilling, environmental campaigners have warned.

Under threat are areas of outstanding natural beauty in the Weald, which runs between the north and south downs, and the South Downs national park, Greenpeace said.

A mapping analysis by the group found that around 71,000 hectares of protected areas overlap with oil and gas exploration licenses awarded by the government for the south-east, across an area stretching from the Surrey Hills in the east to the Isle of Wight to the west.

The warning comes as campaigners in Surrey prepare to deliver a petition with more than 100,000 signatures against plans for an oil well at Holmwood, south of Dorking.

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Garden bird feeders help spread disease among wild birds

Some previously rare illnesses are becoming epidemics in some bird populations, scientists say

A 35% drop in the population of breeding greenfinches in the British Isles since 2005 illustrates why disinfecting feeders is key to protecting the birds. Photograph: Alamy

Published on The Guardian website on the 12th March 2018


Garden bird feeders are contributing to the spread of serious diseases among wild birds, scientists have warned, causing previously rare illnesses to become epidemics in some populations.

Poor garden feeder hygiene, droppings accumulations and stale food are promoting the transmission of illnesses between garden birds as the animals repeatedly congregate in the same location, coming into contact with species they would not usually interact with in the wild.

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Plastic Free Coastlines - Surfers against Sewage

Surfers against Sewage are calling on people to unite against the growing impact that throwaway culture is having on our planet.


The ocean sustains us, our wellbeing and the planet. Every day millions more pieces of single-use plastic are being poured into the ocean injuring and even killing wildlife, threatening ecosystems, livelihoods and our happiness.

We are the resistance to the plastic pollution problem and to solve it, we need your help.

At least 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year.

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