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Over 70 signatures gained as Final Demand stunt is performed in Eastleigh

Southampton and Eastleigh Friends of the Earth News

Eastleigh residents sent a clear message to Chris Huhne today by signing up to the Friends of the Earth campaign to rein in the big energy companies.

Over 70 signatures were added to a petition calling for a public enquiry into high energy bills as spoof representives of the Big Six companies, thanking hard-pressed consumers for their soaring profits.

Campaigner Steve Burgess said:

“We were overwhelmed by the response to our campaign and it’s clear that there’s a strong demand for tough action. Eastleigh residents have sent a message to Chris Huhne that he can’t ignore. He needs to address the power of the Big Six energy companies and make them invest in clean power and cutting energy waste.”

Friends of the Earth recently unveiled a report showing that households in the UK could face extra costs of around £300 per year as the bill for using fossil fuels to generate electricity spirals even higher. With nearly 10% of households in Eastleigh already in fuel poverty, local MP Chris Huhne must address thir urgently in his role as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

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