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Do not get bottled water
Instead of bottled water get a reusable container to carry water. Also you can get a filter to make your home tap taste more like bottled water. It is definitely more cost efficient.

Nine ways to go green and recycle

Recycling rates are down across the Portsmouth area

Recycling rates are down across the Portsmouth area

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 25th February 2016


New figures have shown that recycling rates have fallen across the Portsmouth area.

It has led to calls from campaigners that help ‘going green’ is put back on the agenda.

Here are nine handy tips from Portsmouth City Council’s recycling team to help you improve the way to recycle:

(1) Whenever you’re not sure what you can recycle, or your recycling day, look on your local council’s website for more information – it tells you all you need to know about what can be recycled. There’s also a mobile version for use on your smart phone.

(2) Aerosol cans are recyclable – put them in your recycling bin along with your metal tins and cans.

(3) All your plastic bottles can be recycled, from mouthwash to salad dressing – so put them all in your recycling bin. No other plastic items please.

(4) Keep a reusable bag in your kitchen for storing the recycling as you go. It makes it easy to take things to the recycling bins and you can then reuse the bag again.

(5) Don’t put plastic bags in the recycling bin and don’t place recyclable materials inside one another – simply place recyclable materials into the recycling bin clean, dry and loose.

(6) On your way to school, supermarket or work, stop at the recycling point and drop off your recycling. This allows you to fit recycling into your lifestyle easily, and the kids will learn about recycling this way too.

(7) In the UK every year we waste £12.5 bn on good food and drink. Why not save some money and food in your home by;

Making a weekly menu and shopping list and sticking to it!

Not cooking oversized portions

Getting creative and using up all your leftovers!

For more tips visit

(8) Before you throw good stuff away consider donating items to local charities who could re-use them.

(9) Take unwanted clothes, books, CD’s and other items to a neighbourhood recycling point or sell them at a car boot sale or online.

For more reuse tips please visit –


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