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Plant a tree
It is good for the air, can keep you cool, and can increase your property value.

Next Door Wood Store

Next Door Wood Store is here to make buying wonderful recycled wood products easy and accessible. All the products – from unique tables and chairs for the home, to birdboxes for your garden – are handmade by a network of social enterprises around the UK. These organisations work in partnership with major building firms to divert “waste” timber from landfill and provide valuable work placements for disadvantaged people.

Wood is a material that just seems to get better with age, a little nick here or a nail hole there, all add to the character of our pieces. Shop with us and you will find good, solid, reliable products that will stand the test of time, age gracefully and leave you with a warm glow of contentment.

Your purchase not only offers a new lease of life to a piece of timber and reduces the need to log virgin forest; you will also be helping a disadvantaged person gain the confidence and skills needed to live a richer life.

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