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New Figures show 43,869 homes at FLOOD RISK in Hampshire

Flooded Homes

According to an analysis of Environment Agency data released today by Friends of the Earth, there are 43,869 homes at flood risk across Hampshire.

Portsmouth North has the highest number of homes at risk – 14,983. Romsey & Southampton North has 2,213 at risk homes

The recent flooding has affected Hampshire particularly badly with road and rail closures and devastation to homes and businesses in the area. Nationally, over 6,000 homes have been affected by the winter floods.

However, the figures show there is a much larger number of properties in the UK that could face flooding in future. This is a concern as climate change is set to make flooding more widespread.

Worse still, the Government’s own Climate Change Risk Assessment estimates that almost one million UK homes could be at significant flood risk by the 2020s, up from the 370,000 currently at significant risk nationwide. Yet the Government is spending £500 million less on flood defences than is required to keep pace with climate change, according to its own advisors, while cutting spending on energy efficiency and bringing uncertainty to renewable energy projects.

Friends of the Earth South East Regional Campaigner Brenda Pollack, said:

“Flooding is devastating for anyone that is affected by it and as a country we must do much more to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Without proper investment in flood defences, hundreds of thousands more homes could be put at risk of flooding.”

“Prevention is better than cure, so it’s also vital that the Government redouble efforts to stop climate change becoming worse.”

“We are asking Hampshire MPs to support the call for flood defences in line with the risks posed by climate change, and for more investment to make homes energy efficient, switch to renewable energy and get off climate-changing and polluting fossil fuels.”

Caroline Nokes MP for Romsey and Southampton North said:

“The recent floods are a wake-up call on the need to do more to protect households from climate change. Here in Romsey we have seen some horrendous impacts of the flooding, and the likelihood is that this sort of weather will become more common. Flood defence plans must take into account the expected impacts of climate change, like more rainfall and the proximity of the water courses to residential areas of the Town.
”We have to focus not just on preparing for climate change but also tackling it. We have to find ways to increase local renewable energy projects and increase the number of homes effectively insulated to stop them leaking heat, money and carbon emissions.”

Mike Thornton, MP for Eastleigh said:

“The floods this winter show we need to factor in climate change when making plans on flood prevention. We must do more to support clean energy projects that help reduce emissions and I urge local people to take advantage of the Government’s Green Deal, allowing them to make energy-saving improvements to their home to stop it leaking heat, money and carbon emissions.”

Sir Gerald Howarth, MP for Aldershot said:

‘The recent floods are a reminder that we need to factor into our plans provision for better floodordering our priorities in rural areas where the protection of people and businesses must be given a higher priority than the habitat. We should also put a complete stop to building on floodland which is susceptible to flooding.’

The Rt Hon James Arbuthnot, MP for North East Hampshire said:

‘I am working hard on behalf of my constituents to ensure that problems encountered due to floodone foresaw the extreme weather conditions that brought about this year’s floodthe wettest winter on record. It may very well be that climate change is playing its part in this. While it is almost impossible to prove, most scientific opinion supports this view. My sympathies are with my constituents.’


Friends of the Earth’s Flood Risk map can be found on the link below

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