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MAJOR A27 Update: All SEVEN route maps revealed by the Chichester Observer & Spirit FM

A27 ChichesterAll SEVEN draft route options for the A27 at Chichester – including two for a new bypass north of the city were sent in to the Chichester Observer and Spirit FM by an anonymous source, as part of a joint campaign for transparency.

The draft route options have been published in tandem on the Chichester Observer and on the Spirit FM website ahead of any official release.

We would like to stress these are draft maps only. Highways England insist they are early drafts of technical proposals and are subject to change.

Currently the consultation is scheduled for just six weeks, but due to the huge affect any of the routes will have on Chichester residents, we are now calling on Highways England to extend that time frame so everyone can be properly heard.

Both the Chichester Observer and Spirit FM agree that something must be done to improve the A27, but only after a full and public consultation process.

To find out more about the draft route options for the A27, head on over to either the Chichester Observer or the Spirit FM respective website.

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