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Recycle glass
If you do not recycle this, it will take a million years to decompose.

Join Pesticide Action Network UK's campaign to make UK towns and cities pesticide-free

PAN UKMany of the pesticides used in our urban areas can cause serious illnesses like cancers and birth defects. Children are particularly vulnerable. Hundreds of towns around the world have already gone pesticide-free. It’s time for the UK to follow.

Become part of a new movement and join the campaign to persuade UK towns and cities to Go Pesticide-Free!

To find out more about the campaign please goto Pesticide Action Network UK’s new web page at

You can find out more info in the further reading list on the website and actions that you can take, including signing the Government Petition. If we can raise enough signatures this will be considered for debate in Parliament about the ban of pesticides in our towns and cities.

Please sign the petition and ask your friends, family, colleagues to also sign the petition too.

Click here to sign the Petition

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