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Group looks to make Fareham greener

Friends of the Earth hope to eradicate single-use plastics


Published in the Portsmouth News on the 14th March 2017

In the most recent newsletter from Gosports & Fareham Friends of the Earth, the group said that they are considering opening a campaign to make Fareham single-use plastic free.

Single-use plastics are plastics that are intended for just one use. These include bottles, cups, beakers, plates, spoons and disposable packaging.

The group say that this debris often ends up in the sea, killing fish, seabirds, turtles and marine mammals. The chemicals in this waste can also enter the human food chain.

Having already approached councillors in the region, Friends of the Earth is also looking to extend the campaign to high street retailers, in the hope of creating a greener, healthier environment for residents.

A spokesperson from Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth said: ‘We have written to councillors in Fareham and have received a positive response. Currently we are exploring alternatives to SUPs and will report back to interested councillors who will decide how to take this further.

‘We will write up our research into alternatives and then offer our proposals to Gosport Council.

‘Gosport and Fareham have good recycling facilities which take care of plastic bottles and some other plastics, but more needs to be done.

‘We need to draw attention to the fact that there is so much more than plastic bags that end up in our oceans, and we need to take action.’

For more information about what Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Eath have been doing, you can visit their website:

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