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Green Alliance Solar Power statistics for Hampshire and West Sussex from 2015

Solar Panel Array

Hampshire ranks ninth nationally at 308MW Solar is the primary source of renewable electricity for southern counties and biomass for heat. Winchester produces twice as much biomass as Portsmouth’s solar. Half of Scotland’s power comes from renewables.

Martin Heath, director of the Hampshire Renewable Energy Cooperative, said: “Hampshire is one of the country’s sunniest areas and it is brilliant to see us third in the [solar] league table. But we are also one of the highest per capita users of electricity, so we need to make the most of our tremendous potential for more renewable energy. We have some of Europe’s best tidal resources in the Solent, and wonderfully windy areas off our coast. Hampshire is England’s most wooded county so we have lots of biomass as well. We should be aiming to be number one [in renewables].”

The local solar power capacity statistics are as follows in Megawatts(MW):

Gosport – 2
Portsmouth – 3
Havant – 6
Southampton – 7
East Hampshire – 15
Eastleigh – 10
Chichester – 21
Fareham – 23
New Forest – 44
Test Valley – 50
Isle of Wight – 58
Winchester – 69

For more results visit the Green Alliance renewable locator website for other areas of the U.K.

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