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‘Friends of the Earth still believe solar energy makes sense’

Norman Pasley


By Norman Pasley, from Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth
Published in the Portsmouth News on Thursday 14th February 2013

WE have learned that the application for the solar farm has been withdrawn, just one day before it was to be determined by the Fareham Borough Council’s planning committee.

This comes as a surprise to our group as we have supported the application since it came to our notice last September.

The report to the planning committee recommended refusal because; the visual separation of the settlements would be significantly diminished; the proposals will markedly alter the character of this area of countryside; the possible impact on the Solent Enterprise Zone; and that more information is needed regarding use of the site by protected species.

We understand that Natural England objected to the scheme because the land has the potential to be used by Brent geese and other wading birds. Whether they do, is yet to be established.

Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth have always been strong supporters of the natural world.

This is reflected in our policies to look after all living things on the planet.

Solar energy is a modern renewable energy offering us the chance to work against climate change and work towards a sustainable environment.

In our view, this solar farm gives Fareham a great opportunity to show it is forward looking.

Many thousands have already seen the sense of solar energy by investing in solar panels on their roofs.

This scheme would allow Fareham to generate enough clean electricity to power about 14,000 homes.

We still believe this solar farm makes sense. We hope you do too and we look forward to this solar energy scheme being re-presented.

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