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Environmentalist Tony Jupiter speaks at Wildlife Trust meeting in Winchester

Tony Juniper Talk Turnout

Published in the Hampshire Chronicle on the 20th October 2013


HAMPSHIRE’S wildlife enthusiasts gathered in Winchester to hear from former executive director of Friends of the Earth, Tony Juniper.

The campaigner and environmentalist was invited to the Guildhall as guest of honour for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s AGM yesterday.

The day before, Mr Juniper visited Winnall Moors to see at the work being done there.

Two hundred members turned up to hear his presentation What Has Nature Ever Done For Us? which is the title of his latest book.

Debbie Tann, the trust’s chief executive, said: “It was fantastic and his talk was brilliantly received.

“He was talking about what nature has done for us, including the value of nature systems and how they support the economy.”

The event also featured a special display on “the state of nature” which highlighted key challenges facing the natural world today – including in Hampshire.

“Sixty per cent of our species are declining and that’s quite worrying.

“In Hampshire we have got to fit in about 130,000 new homes in the years ahead and the challenge is to fit those in so that the impact on wildlife is minimised.

“The River Itchen also has very high levels of phosphate, and that’s worrying,” Ms Tann said.

 There are 130,000 Wildlife Trust members in Hampshire and this was the group’s 52nd AGM.

Anne Ardill, 62, from Harestock, said: “I have really enjoyed it – it’s been very, very good and Tony Juniper was brilliant.”

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