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Get rid of baths
Do not take baths, take showers. You will save about half the amount of water that you would if you were taking a bath.

Effort to reduce water consumption in Hampshire homes

Dry Reservoir

Published in the Portsmouth News on 6th May 2013

SAVING water this summer is the focus of a campaign by Portsmouth Water and Portsmouth City Council.

They have produced a ‘water wise in the garden’ guide to help people use less water.

The guide gives advice on watering techniques, such as the use of mulches, water butts, composting and the best time to water plants.

Sue Allery, water efficiency officer at the Havant-based company, said: ‘Water is a precious resource and we must all play our part in using water more wisely. By using some of the suggestions in the guide a garden can still flourish while still reducing the amount of water used.

‘There is no reason why everyone cannot have a lovely garden this summer as well as being part of our saving water challenge. So far customers have responded brilliantly to the challenge by saving over one million litres of water every single day.’

Figures show that in the south east of England the average personal water consumption is 160 litres per person every day – higher than the rest of the UK and most parts of Europe.

To see the water-saving guide visit

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