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Consultation on waste recycling centres in Hampshire

Recycling Centre

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 17th March 2016


Residents are being asked how they think savings can be made in running waste recycling centres in Hampshire in a 10-week public consultation.

Councillor Sean Woodward said: ‘We have a large number of HWRCs in Hampshire compared with other areas, and it is clear we are no longer in a financial position to be able to provide this same level of service.

‘This consultation is a genuine opportunity for people to tell us how they think a different and more affordable model can be established.

‘We are asking people what they think of changes in opening hours – an hour less each day, weekend only opening , winter closures – and what they think of closing some sites altogether.

‘We will be looking at how many people use each of the sites, how much waste is collected and the distances between sites.

‘I would urge Hampshire residents to take part in this consultation and help us define an affordable service which works for them.

‘No decisions will be made until we have looked at all the evidence and taken people’s views into consideration.’

The council operates a network of 24 sites which are open seven days a week, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

To respond to the consultation, go to Paper copies can be obtained by contacting 0300 555 1389 or emailing [email protected] The deadline is midday on the 25th May 2016.

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