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Chris Packham - The People's Walk for Wildlife - 22nd September 2018, London

On 22nd September we’re joining renowned naturalist and BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham for his People’s Walk For Wildlife – one of the biggest events of the year for anyone who cares about wildlife.

Whether you’re able to come or not (sorry everyone outside London!), Chris has recorded a message for us to pass on to you, to say thanks for the support.

It’s up to all of us to stand up for our wildlife. Whether you love bees, butterflies, birds, or just like spending time in the natural world, this family-friendly walk is a chance to show just how important wildlife is to all of us. And to send a message to decision makers that we want thriving nature in our lives.

The walk starts at 1pm, but we’ll be at our stall near the Reformers’ Tree, Hyde Park, from 10am. So if you can make it along please come and say hi, grab one of our animal masks and bird whistles, and enjoy the walk. Chris is hoping to see as many colourful wildlife costumes and banners as possible so if you’d rather make your own please get creative.

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