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Check trees in your area for signs of ash dieback disease

Published in the Portsmouth News on Thursday 8th November 2012

AN expert has urged people to check trees in Hampshire for signs of ash dieback as the disease threatens to spread across the country.

Jon Stokes, director of programmes at The Tree Council, says that although there have been no recorded cases of the tree disease in the area, people need to be vigilant and report any potential signs of the disease in ash trees.

Signs of ash dieback include dead hanging leaves and discoloured bark.

The disease has struck trees in Essex and Kent.

Mr Stokes, who is from Portchester, said: ‘It’s not yet down our way. If we can catch it then it’s important we do something about it.

‘This is a serious national problem but we don’t want overreaction at this early stage’.

He said there is no evidence of tree death to date in trees aged over 40.

He added that trees planted in the past three or four years are at greater risk.

Mr Stokes said: ‘We have got to be measured about this.

‘People may fear that all their ash trees are affected and start felling them but there is no need. It’s important to check trees that have been planted over the last three or four years.’

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