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Turn down your thermostat
Every degree lower in the winter or higher in the summer you put it is a 10 percent decrease on your energy bill.

Shale gas unlikely to make the UK energy self-sufficient, says report

Fracking’s potential has been ‘overhyped’ by politicians and shale gas will not reduce energy prices or reliance on gas imports, says UK Energy Research Centre


Published on The Guardian website on 11th November 2014

Story by Adam Vaughan


A general view of the fracking site at Barton Moss, Greater Manchester. PRESS […]

Plan bee: New measures to protect pollinators

Published on the BBC News website on 4th November 2014

Story by Victoria Gill Science Reporter, BBC News


Honeybees and other pollinating insects have been in decline for decades

The Government has made an agreement with landowners including Network Rail and the Highways Agency to restore bee-friendly habitat […]

Carney raises the heat on climate: you can’t burn all the oil

Published on the Emerging Markets website on the 12th October 2014 Story by Jon Hay

A public call by Bank of England governor Mark Carney that the vast majority of oil reserves should be considered “unburnable” if the world wants to avoid catastrophic climate change makes him stand out among mainstream figures.


Mark Carney […]