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Shorten your shower
Every minute you cut from your shower is roughly 5 gallons of water. The less time your shower takes, the lower your impact on the environment.

Where does recycling and rubbish from the UK go?


Published on the BBC News website on the 30th September 2019


Waste company Biffa has been fined £350,000 for sending household waste, including used nappies and sanitary towels, to China. The waste was illegally labelled as paper.

So how much of the UK’s waste is recycled, and how much […]

Call for 1m people to join UK's biggest mass tree-planting campaign

Woodland Trust urges volunteers to grab a spade and help tackle the climate crisis

By 2025, the Woodland Trust hopes to have planted a tree for every person in the country. Photograph: Laurie Campbell/The Woodland Trust

Published on The Guardian website on the 23rd September 2019 Story by Fiona Harvey, Environment Correstpondent



Avoid black plastic food packaging – and the 16 other essential rules of effective recycling

If you’re not being asked to separate your own recycling, you have a problem. Photograph: photka/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Published on The Guardian website on the 2nd July 2018Story by Linda Geddes

Do you have to wash your tins before recycling them? Are glass milk bottles better than plastic? Do you need to use a bag […]