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Plant a tree
It is good for the air, can keep you cool, and can increase your property value.

Water contamination fears raised by Portsmouth Water

The West Lake at Portsmouth Water in Havant

Published in the Portsmouth News on 17th January 2015


DRINKING water to thousands of people across the Portsmouth area could be contaminated if a major housing development goes ahead unchecked, it has been warned.

Officials at Portsmouth Water have written to East Hampshire District […]

Recycling statistics for Hampshire and Sussex

Havant Friends of the Earth member, John Auric has compiled a table on recycling rates in some Hampshire districts plus Hampshire County Council and neighbouring authorities. Eastleigh tops the list of the recyclers while Portsmouth, Southampton and perhaps surprisingly Brighton, with its Green Party Council are at the bottom.


Havant and Portsmouth Friends of the Earth Bike Ride

Published in the Portsmouth News on 17th June 2014


MEMBERS of Friends of the Earth will meet for a bike ride on Sunday 22nd June to commemorate the First World War.

The Havant and Portsmouth branches of the environmental group are joining up for the […]