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Do not get bottled water
Instead of bottled water get a reusable container to carry water. Also you can get a filter to make your home tap taste more like bottled water. It is definitely more cost efficient.

Havant campaigners hit out at ‘gobbledegook’ consultation for borough’s 10,000-home local plan

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 5th March 2019Story by Byron Melton

CAMPAIGNERS say a consultation form for a council’s local plan is so user-unfriendly it is leaving swathes of people with valuable views ‘disenfranchised’. 

Residents have until 5pm on Monday, March 18 to have their say on the soundness of Havant […]

Havant nature lovers will unite to ‘toughen up’ council’s green policies for 10,000-home local plan

Campaigners set to meet on Wednesday say environmental policies need to be ‘toughened up’ as Havant Borough Council seeks to progress its Local Plan for 2036 – which outlines sites it deems suitable to take on more than 9,000 new homes

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 26th February 2019Story by Byron Melton


How Hampshire's nature champion inspires change

Ray Cobbett filling birdfeeders in his garden in Emsworth Credit: Celeste Hicks/Friends of the Earth

Ray Cobbett has spent much of his retirement campaigning with Friends of the Earth’s local group in Havant. He turned 80 this year yet shows no sign of slowing down.

Published on the Friends of the Earth UK […]