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Walk or ride your bike when you can
If you have to go somewhere close consider riding your bike or walking there instead of using your car. It is better on the environment and keeps you fit.

Are you concerned about Havant’s green fields


disappearing forever?…

Then read this and act today

16th November 2016 – Council’s Cabinet is due to meet to consider recommendations to approve the new hugely increased housing target and greenfield sites described in the Draft Housing Statement which will provide a 5 year housing land supply for this and next year. The public can attend this meeting but not participate. (See address below).

7th December 2016 – A Full Council Meeting will vote on adoption of the Draft Housing Statement. The public can attend this meeting but not participate.

1st Quarter 2017 – Public Consultation

If the Draft Housing Statement is adopted on 7th December. the Housing Statement plus all policies & site allocations (incl. Campdown, Denvilles-Emsworth Gap and others), will become part of a new Draft Local Plan 2036 and go out for Public Consultation. Comments (not amendments) can be made on the soundness of the Plan against the National Planning Policy Framework.

2nd Quarter 2017 – Local Plan submission to Planning Inspectorate

The appointed Planning Inspector will receive the Plan and all letters and emailed comments received by the Council from residents, groups and public bodies.

3rd Quarter 2017 – Hearing in public by Planning Inspector

This is a several day event during which the Inspector will discuss the soundness of the Plan and the sites chosen. Written and verbal evidence will be taken from interested parties. The Inspector will make comments on the plan and where it needs changes to make it sound.

4th Quarter 2017 – 1st Quarter 2018 – Adoption of Local Plan by Council

This will be the Local Plan as modified and the allocated sites which are deliverable. It will show a 5 year housing land supply for at least the following 15 years

Where does Havant Council stand and why the hurry?

They say they must move quickly to deter developers from making speculative applications and so lose control. HBRA says Havant Council should act in the best long-term interests of those who need affordable housing now, and not developers.

Havant Borough Residents Alliance (HBRA)

Ten local non-political residents and environmental groups have teamed up to ask the Council to re-think their approach and work more closely with Havant Borough residents to find less green land-hungry solutions to meet today’s housing needs, better to re-develop town centres with reasonably priced homes to rent or purchase.

Where can I find my Councillors’ names & contact details?

You can find your Councillors by name, by ward, or by political party on the Council’s website: or at your local library.

What can residents do to support HBRA?

Act Now Exercise your democratic freedom by writing or emailing the Leader  of The Council asking him to “refer back the Housing Statement for further consideration of  . . .” (please see Areas of Concern on back page), at the full Council meeting on 7th December. This may be the only opportunity to express your opinion. 800 already have, although many residents across the borough could not participate in the hasty Public Consultation held during the summer holidays period.

Write to:

Michael Cheshire MBE
Leader of The Council
Public Service Plaza
Civic Centre Road

email: [email protected]

and copy in:  Your local Ward Councillors

(please see site above for your  Councillors’  details) 



Areas of concern in Draft Local Plan

  • Public Consultation was limited, only 3 hours access time at each pop-up display
  • The failure of the Draft Local Plan 2036 to offer residents alternative
  • The ‘predicted’ versus ‘actual’ growth in Havant Borough’s population compared with the disproportionate scope of proposed developments that will challenge small towns & villages?
  • Predicted growth in the regional economy post-Brexit following loss of EU subsidies?
  • Whether the proposed housing can solve Havant’s continuing ‘affordable’ housing crisis?
  • Is Havant’s land being used to solve space problems experienced by other parts of Hampshire, in particular members of the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH)?
  • A major threat to local environment and green corridors linking the South Downs National Park to Chichester Harbour – a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).
  • The continuing failure to address current infrastructure problems (e.g. road congestion and air pollution, lack of school places, medical services provision, sewage and water pollution).
  • The threat of extended Urban Sprawl along the coastal strip between Southampton and Chichester.

Thank you for your support from HBRA members:

Emsworth Residents’ Association  •  Hayling Island Residents’ Association Langstone Residents’ Association  •  Langstone Village Association  • Save Old Bedhampton Warblington & Denvilles Residents’ Association  •  West Bedhampton Residents’ Association

Protect Our Green Spaces Group  •  Friends Of The Earth (Hampshire) Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (Hampshire)


Working as a group comprising Havant Borough residents associations, environmental and con- servation groups, HBRA aims to be well informed about proposed major building developments and planning legislation, to listen to residents and make representations to the local authority, government and other organisations on a Borough-wide basis as necessary.

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