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Shorten your shower
Every minute you cut from your shower is roughly 5 gallons of water. The less time your shower takes, the lower your impact on the environment.

Companies sign up to pledge to cut plastic pollution

Credit: Getty Images

Published on the BBC News website on 26th April 2018


More than 40 companies have signed up to a pact to cut plastic pollution over the next seven years.

The firms, which include Coca-Cola and Asda, have promised to honour a number of pledges such as eliminating single-use packaging through better design.

They have joined the government, trade associations and campaigners to form the UK Plastics Pact.

The signatories are responsible for more than 80% of plastic packaging on products sold through UK supermarkets.

One of the promises which companies, such as such consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble and Marks & Spencer, have signed up to is to make 100% of plastic packaging ready for recycling or composting by 2025.

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Ray Cobbett: Managing plastic waste starts with reducing it

Published in the Portsmouth News on 18th April 2018


The BBC series Blue Planet inspired a surge of interest in reducing the use and disposal of plastic straws and coffee cups.

It is a small but symbolic step towards cleaning up our planet.

Most people will have heard of the three Rs, namely, reduce, reuse and recycle.

Some enthusiasts have added two more and these are – repair and refuse.

Back in 1950 the then world population of about two billion produced 1.5 million tons of plastic.

Now, with seven billion on the planet, the figure is around 320 tons.

Around our coastline, up to 5,000 pieces of marine plastic have been found per mile of beach.

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Election candidates for Havant asked to make plastic waste pledge by campaign group

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 17th April 2018
Story by Tamara Siddiqui


ELECTION candidates across one borough have been asked to make a plastic waste pledge.

The 52 candidates standing for election in Havant have been invited to make a pledge to reduce plastic waste in the town.

The letter includes seven pledges starting with the council replacing some plastic products with non-plastic alternatives.

Havant Friends of the Earth chairman, Ray Cobbett, said: ‘We’re asking candidates who get elected as councillors to step-up and stand with us, and everybody who wants to roll back the tide of plastic and other waste engulfing our open spaces and killing wildlife.’

In a letter to them Havant Friends of the Earth group coordinator, Sue Holt, said: ‘As a coastal community Havant residents are all too aware of the damage plastic waste causes to our local beauty spots.’

It asks for local residents to be better advised on how to recycle plastic waste and urges the council to work with other agencies in keeping streams and rivers clean.