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Change to fluorescent bulbs
If every house in the UK changed all of the light bulbs in their house, that would be equivalent to taking one million cars off the road.

UK green power hits record high of 15 per cent in 2013

More than 900 new wind turbines were built at land and sea over the course of the year, helping the amount of green power generated to increase by almost one third

The biggest increase in green power came from more wind farms being built. Wind power produced 9 per cent of UK electricity, up from 6 per cent in 2012, the Government said. Photo: ALAMY

Published on The Telegraph website on 31st July 2014

Emily Gosden
By Emily Gosden, Energy Editor

Britain used record levels of green energy last year, as more than 900 new wind turbines were built at land and sea and the annual bill for subsidies reached an estimated £3bn.

The UK generated almost 15 per cent of its power from renewable sources in 2013, an increase of almost one third from 11.3 per cent in 2012, according to Government statistics released on Thursday.

But despite expensive efforts to go green, the UK still relied most heavily on burning coal – one of the dirtiest form of power plants.

More than a third of electricity came from coal-fired power plants, according to the statistics, while two-fifths of the coal imported to the UK came from Russia.

Gas-fired power stations generated 27 per cent of Britain’s electricity while nuclear reactors provided 20 per cent of the mix.

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Plans for exploratory drilling between Wisborough Green and Kirdford rejected

Wisborough Green Campaigners

Villagers wept with relief as plans for exploratory drilling between Kirdford and Wisborough Green were thrown out by the county council today (Tuesday 22nd July).

Almost 100 members of the public cheered, wept and hugged each other as West Sussex County Council’s Planning Committee rejected Celtique’s bid for a temporary well off Kirdford Road near Northup Copse.

Planning officers had recommended the application be refused on highways safety and capacity grounds and councillors concurred.

After the meeting Phil Donoghue, who spoke in opposition on behalf of Keep Kirdford and Wisborough Green, said: “We are absolutely delighted, but we do understand it’s round one, but the council have decided in the way we wanted them to.”

He said they expected Celtique could appeal against the decision, but he hoped they would abandon the site and find somewhere more suitable.

Actress Sue Jameson, who has lived in Wisborough Green for more than 30 years, added: “It’s been 18 months of nervous hell really and anxiety about the horrors to come.”

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Ash dieback disease finally reaches Hampshire

Ash dieback finally reaches Hampshire

Ash dieback finally reaches Hampshire

Published in the Hampshire Chronicle on 18th July 2014

Exclusive by
Andrew Napier
THE first case of ash dieback disease has been found in Hampshire.

The disease has been discovered at the Alice Holt Forest in the north-east of the county more than two years after it was first found in the UK.

Hampshire had been one of the last counties in England to be free of the disease.

Conservationists are worried it could devastate the ash population in the same way Dutch Elm Disease wiped out elm trees in the 1970s.

A Forestry Commission spokesman said the case was believed to have been long-established rather than a new tree being planted.

There is a forestry research station at Alice Holt Forest. “It is no surprise the first instance would turn up in a place like Alice Holt because it has a lot of visits by foresters and researchers,” he said.

He said infected trees would only be cut down if there was a public safety issue.

Ash trees make up 1.4 per cent of Alice Holt Forest so the immediate impact is not expected to be great.

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