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The Unfrozen Moment - Delivering A Green Brexit

Published on the website on the 21st July 2017
From: Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

Secretary of State Michael Gove sets out his vision on the future of our natural environment

Safeguarding our future

It is a particular pleasure to be here today in WWF’s magnificent Living Planet Centre. It’s an inspirational example of how buildings can contribute to environmental sustainability. The WWF’s commitment to worldwide conservation, to robust research and to engaging people as well as policy makers in these critical issues has ensured it has provided a wonderful example of environmental leadership. I hope that we will continue to work closely together, and with other organisations represented here, as we forge our future approach to the environment.

In 1970, the incoming Conservative Government of Edward Heath created this country’s first Department of the Environment. The new Department published a White Paper on our natural heritage in 1972 which was entitled ‘How Do you Want to Live?’ The Department, with perhaps more idealism, or less due diligence, than has subsequently been the case in Government communications strategy, commissioned Philip Larkin to write a poetic prologue.

And his poem – subsequently titled ‘Going, Going’ – is a lament for the erosion and destruction of our natural environment under the pressures of corporate greed, devil take the hindmost individualism, and modernist brutalism.

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The most effective environmental groups, as rated by their peers

Published on the Enviromental Funders Network website on the 11th July 2017
Story by Florence Miller

Next week, Environmental Funders Network will be launching the latest research report – What the Green Groups Said: Insights from the UK Environment Sector. The report analyses responses from the chief executives of 92 environmental organisations to a survey we conducted in late 2016 and early 2017. The organisations ran the gamut from the very large to the very small, and focused on a broad array of environmental issues – everything from biodiversity conservation to climate change, sustainable agriculture to trade and finance. Together, their annual income amounted to over £1 billion.

One of the questions EFN asked respondents was, “Which non-profit UK environmental organisations (not including your own) do you think accomplish the most, given the resources at their disposal?”

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Markwells Wood Watch Public Meeting

Monday, 10th July 2017


St. John’s Church Hall  (Opposite the Harvester)
120 Redhill Road
Rowlands Castle


Markwells Wood Watch, Campaigning against oil development in the National Park

In its half-year annual accounts , UKOG have outlined plans for submitting another application at Markwells Wood. We expect this may happen any time from July-October 2017. UKOG stated that they are:

“Preparing to resubmit planning application for an appraisal well, extended flow testing and further production wells and will seek environmental permit from the Environment Agency.

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