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Air pollution is inspiration for poster contest

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 21st August 2017


Schoolchildren have been invited to get creative in a bid to raise awareness of air pollution.

Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth, in association with the county council and the Fareham and Gosport Environmental Health Partnership, is asking pupils to design posters as part of its Clean Air campaign.

The winning posters will be displayed along the A32, one of the worst roads in the area for air pollution.

Peter Hurworth from Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth said: ‘Readers will doubtless be aware of the fact that a serious cause of such pollution is motor vehicles and of these the diesel motor car is found to be a major source of particulates.

‘The Clean Air campaign is calling on the government to commit to taking diesel off our roads by 2025.’

Peter added: ‘Children are especially vulnerable.

‘They are disproportionately affected, and normal lung and brain development may be hindered by the inhalation of polluted air.

‘So it seemed appropriate to involve children themselves in the campaign for Clean Air.’

Executive member for health and public protection at Fareham Borough Council Cllr Trevor Cartwright said: ‘Involving the children is good because it is their future.

‘Over the past few years I have been involved with all sorts of different campaigns and I think getting the schools involved is important and in the past schools have come up with good posters.’

Air pollution is one of the UK’s biggest killers and is linked to 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK.

The health problems caused by exposure to air pollution costs our health services more than £20 billion every year.

Cllr Cartwright added: ‘We know we have to do something about the pollution levels and we are just waiting for more information on the problem to get some practical answers.’

UK fracking may produce less fuel than claimed, says geologist

Drilled core samples used to determine the viability of shale gas extraction. Photograph: Mo Morad/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Published on The Guardian website on the 17th of August 2017

Story by Fiona Harvey
Environment correspondent


Prof John Underhill argues that geology is fundamental but has been forgotten in assessments of UK’s shale gas capability

Fracking for oil and gas in the UK may produce much less fuel – and profits – than has been mooted, according to research based on seismic imaging of the country’s underlying geology.

Most of the areas in which deposits of onshore “unconventional” gas and oil are likely to be found were affected by tectonic activity along the Atlantic plate about 55m years ago.

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Flood defence work worth £800,000 being planned for sea wall in ‘grave disrepair’ in Langstone

The sea wall at Southmoor Lane, Havant

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 10th of August 2017

Story by Tamara Siddiqui


ALMOST £1M worth of work is being planned to rejuvenate a sea wall in ‘grave disrepair’.

The design of the Environment Agency’s Southmoor Flood Alleviation Scheme comes as widespread concern grows about the flood risk to the area near the wall, in Langstone.

The Southmoor sea wall is a privately-owned, low-level, concrete sea wall fronted by a shingle beach.

The Environment Agency (EA) has engaged with residents, councillors and businesses in designing the £800,000 scheme, and will continue to do so before submitting an application for the works, to Havant Borough Council.

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