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Change to fluorescent bulbs
If every house in the UK changed all of the light bulbs in their house, that would be equivalent to taking one million cars off the road.

Next Door Wood Store

Next Door Wood Store is here to make buying wonderful recycled wood products easy and accessible. All the products – from unique tables and chairs for the home, to birdboxes for your garden – are handmade by a network of social enterprises around the UK. These organisations work in partnership with major building firms to divert “waste” timber from landfill and provide valuable work placements for disadvantaged people.

Wood is a material that just seems to get better with age, a little nick here or a nail hole there, all add to the character of our pieces. Shop with us and you will find good, solid, reliable products that will stand the test of time, age gracefully and leave you with a warm glow of contentment.

Your purchase not only offers a new lease of life to a piece of timber and reduces the need to log virgin forest; you will also be helping a disadvantaged person gain the confidence and skills needed to live a richer life.

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Hampshire Against Fluoridation Petition

Time is running out to sign the petition against Water Fluoridation…

Industrial-grade fluoride is due to be added to the drinking water of the Southampton area. The consultation showed that 72% of local people were against compulsory water fluoridation. Despite this, the Strategic Health Authority (based outside the area in Berkshire) is determined to push the scheme through before they are abolished in 2012. Is this fair? Is this ethical? Is this democratic? Is Southampton willing to be both the first and last area to be used to further the pro- fluoridation lobby?

If this makes you angry and you live, work or study in Southampton, then please sign the petition calling on Southampton City Council to take action and  have a Full Council debate on this. Full details of how to do this below:

The e-petition is on Southampton City Council’s website: or go to the website ( and click on Your Council (bottom right hand side) and then click on Petitions and then browse All Petitions.

Alternatively,  contact Hampshire Against Fluoridation for details of how to sign the paper version of the same petition Tel: (02380) 493776 or E-mail


Click Here for a Say No to Fluoridation Petition Form

Havant gearing up for first ever eco festival

ECO MISSION Ray Cobbett, left, from Friends of the Earth, Havant Cllr Mike Fairhurst, centre, and Mark Willenbruch from the Havant Transition Network promoting Havant Goes Green festival

By Elise Brewerton
Published in the Portsmouth News – Wednesday 11th May 2011

THERE’S just weeks to go until a whole town turns green.

Council vans have all had the green message emblazoned on them ahead of the Havant Goes Greener week.

The borough council, along with eco group Havant Transition Network and Friends of the Earth, aim to show how small changes can make a difference.

Ray Cobbett, from Friends of the Earth, said: ‘We want to encourage changes like reducing waste, supporting local shops, using the bus or bike instead of the car, buying greener energy and caring for our open spaces.

‘Throughout the week and across the borough experts will share their knowledge on eco housing, recycling, grow-your-own fruit and veg, bee keeping, saving energy and money, alternative transport and getting active.’

It culminates in Havant Park with the Family Green Fair where there will be music and entertainment alongside dozens of stalls where you can buy green products.

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