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Go to a car wash
Going to a car wash is a lot more water efficient then washing your car at home.

UN climate talks extend Kyoto Protocol, promise compensation

Published on the BBC News website on 8th December 2012

By Roger Harrabin BBC Environment analyst, Doha

The Kyoto protocol on climate change had been due to expire later this year

UN climate talks in Doha have closed with a historic shift in principle but few genuine cuts in greenhouse gases.

The […]

Carbon emissions are 'too high' to curb climate change

Published on the BBC News website on 2nd December 2012

By Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News

The concentration of CO2 is continue to rise, despite global efforts to curb future increases

It is increasingly unlikely that global warming will be kept below an increase of 2C (3.6F) above pre-industrial levels, a […]

Rio green summit dismissed as hoax that achieved nothing

Published on The Independent website on Saturday 23rd June 2012 By Michael Mccarthy

The UN’s Rio Plus 20 summit on sustainable development ended yesterday amid a torrent of criticism from environment and development campaigners, who said the colossal, three-day international meeting had achieved nothing.

More than 50,000 policy-makers, environmentalists and business leaders from […]