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The life aquatic: How the Earth would look if all the ice melted

Published on The Independent on Thursday 7th November 2013

Story by Ian Johnston


A huge swathe of eastern England, most of Denmark, the entire eastern seaboard of the United States, Bangladesh and a huge chunk of China would be lost beneath the sea if all the world’s ice melted, according to maps produced […]

Humans: the real threat to life on Earth

If population levels continue to rise at the current rate, our grandchildren will see the Earth plunged into an unprecedented environmental crisis, argues computational scientist Stephen Emmott in this extract from his book Ten Billion

Published on The Observer on Sunday 30th June 2013

The global population is projected to pass 10 billion […]

Some bee-harming pesticides could face ban-EU Commission

* European watchdog, environment agency highlight risk

* Commission could draft law before spring planting season

Published on Reuters website on Friday 25th January 2013

By Barbara Lewis and Charlie Dunmore

BRUSSELS, 25th January (Reuters) – The European Commission is considering law to ban pesticides linked to the decline of bees, a spokesman said […]