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Walk or ride your bike when you can
If you have to go somewhere close consider riding your bike or walking there instead of using your car. It is better on the environment and keeps you fit.

Green Alliance Solar Power statistics for Hampshire and West Sussex from 2015

Hampshire ranks ninth nationally at 308MW Solar is the primary source of renewable electricity for southern counties and biomass for heat. Winchester produces twice as much biomass as Portsmouth’s solar. Half of Scotland’s power comes from renewables.

Martin Heath, director of the Hampshire Renewable Energy Cooperative, said: “Hampshire is one of the country’s sunniest […]

Consultation on waste recycling centres in Hampshire

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 17th March 2016


Residents are being asked how they think savings can be made in running waste recycling centres in Hampshire in a 10-week public consultation.

Councillor Sean Woodward said: ‘We have a large number of HWRCs in Hampshire compared with other areas, and it is […]

The Paris agreement was the easy bit

Environment: Havant Friends of the Earth leaders Sue Holt and Ray Cobbett with Ray’s Granddaughter, Lilly

Published in the Portsmouth News on 5th of January 2016

Ray Cobbett form Havant Friends of the Earth talks about the effects of climate change

The veteran broadcaster and wildlife campaigner Sir David Attenborough recently said that if […]

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