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Turn off your lights
Turn off your lights when you are not using them. The benefits are obvious.

UK fracking may produce less fuel than claimed, says geologist

Drilled core samples used to determine the viability of shale gas extraction. Photograph: Mo Morad/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Published on The Guardian website on the 17th of August 2017

Story by Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent


Prof John Underhill argues that geology is fundamental but has been forgotten in assessments of UK’s shale gas capability


The Unfrozen Moment - Delivering A Green Brexit

Published on the website on the 21st July 2017 From: Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

Secretary of State Michael Gove sets out his vision on the future of our natural environment

Safeguarding our future

It is a particular pleasure to be here today […]

Friends of the Earth: Election manifestos: the scores are in

The manifestos are out and so are our scores on how parties have done on the environment.

There are lots of issues close to our hearts at this election. It’s clear that the next 5 years are going to be crucial for protecting the environment.

Overall when we totted up the scores (from 0 […]