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Buy rechargeable batteries
Even though it will take a good investment to buy these you will find yourself gaining it back in no time.

New UK attempt to capture carbon

The aim of carbon capture is to is to prevent CO2 escaping into the atmosphere

Published on the BBC News website on 3rd April 2012

renewed attempt to develop ways of making power stations greener has been unveiled by the UK government.

For the second time in five years, £1bn will be offered […]

Feed In Tarrif update – what happens next?

Published on the Good Energy website on 30th January 2012

Last week the government lost the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) appeal and confirmed that they were seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. Going forward, what kind of time frame on the Supreme Court appeal can we expect, and when can we anticipate any […]

Solar tariff cut plan ruled legally flawed

The government had said the subsidy cut would ensure the scheme carried on in the future

Government plans to cut subsidies for solar panels on homes have been ruled legally flawed by the High Court.

The government had said that subsidies for households that installed solar panels would be halved from 12th December.

Environmental […]