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Get rid of baths
Do not take baths, take showers. You will save about half the amount of water that you would if you were taking a bath.

Wirelessly charged electric buses set for Milton Keynes

Published on the BBC News website on 9th January 2014

By Neil Bowdler Science and technology reporter, BBC News


Electric buses which their developers say can run all day are set to begin service.

A fleet of eight new electric vehicles will operate along a busy route in Milton Keynes from late […]

Fracking implications for oil and gas licences

Published in the Portsmouth News on 13th March 2014

ENVIRONMENTALISTS are urging the public to take part in a government consultation that could have an impact on fracking.

Every few years, the government launches licensing rounds for onshore oil and gas companies.

The licences give a company the right to apply to explore […]

Half of Britain to be offered for shale gas drilling as fracking areas face 50 trucks passing each day

Ministers “stepping up the search for shale” with new exploration rights to be offered to fracking firms next summer

Photo: PA

Published on The Telegraph website on Tuesday 17th December 2013 By Emily Gosden, Energy Editor


Ministers will offer fracking companies rights to drill across more than 37,000 square miles of land […]