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Go to a car wash
Going to a car wash is a lot more water efficient then washing your car at home.

Red card on environment for 'greenest government ever'

Published on the BBC News website on the 16th September 2014


By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, BBC News


MPs are critical of the government for failing to protect biodiversity


The government is failing to reduce air pollution, protect biodiversity and prevent flooding, a cross-party body of MPs has […]

Shale Gas, Rural Economy Impacts Report by DECC

In a recent report published by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, it has been criticised by Green MP, Caroline Lucas, for the number of redactions it contains. It’s perfectly obvious that the report includes references to the impact of fracking the government would prefer we don’t read-hence the redactions. It’s worth reading […]

Green Deal scheme shut down after households grab all £120m of energy efficiency handouts in just six weeks

Published online at on 25th July 2014



The Government last night unexpectedly shut down a £120million scheme set up to help households make their homes more energy efficient after strong demand meant funds were exhausted in just six weeks.