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Go to a car wash
Going to a car wash is a lot more water efficient then washing your car at home.

Rate of environmental degradation puts life on Earth at risk, say scientists

Published on The Guardian website on 15th January 2015


Humans are ‘eating away at our own life support systems’ at a rate unseen in the past 10,000 years, two new research papers say

The view from the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory in the middle of the Amazon forest. Researchers say that […]

Almost 7,000 UK properties to be sacrificed to rising seas

Published on The Guardian website on 28th December 2014

Story by Damian Carrington


Properties worth over £1bn will be lost to coastal erosion in England and Wales over the next century, with no compensation for homeowners, as it becomes too costly to protect them

Collapsed houses lie on the beach after a […]

Shale gas unlikely to make the UK energy self-sufficient, says report

Fracking’s potential has been ‘overhyped’ by politicians and shale gas will not reduce energy prices or reliance on gas imports, says UK Energy Research Centre


Published on The Guardian website on 11th November 2014

Story by Adam Vaughan


A general view of the fracking site at Barton Moss, Greater Manchester. PRESS […]