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Use both sides of paper
If you have a printer with a double sided print option, use it. You will save half of the amount of paper you would have normally used.

Are you concerned about Havant’s green fields

disappearing forever?… Then read this and act today

16th November 2016 – Council’s Cabinet is due to meet to consider recommendations to approve the new hugely increased housing target and greenfield sites described in the Draft Housing Statement which will provide a 5 year housing land supply for this and next year. The public […]

Everybody agrees there’s a housing crisis

Hampshire Friends of the Earth co-ordinator Ray Cobbett who is concerned about ‘unfettered development’

Published in the Portsmouth News on the 2nd November 2016


ALMOST every day there are reports of local residents angry and horrified by major new developments on their doorsteps.

The arguments on both sides are well rehearsed.

The council […]

Gardeners play vital part for environment

POLLINATOR Friends of the Earth has created a leaflet explainig how people can help bees and other animals.


Story by Ray Cobbett and Published in the Portsmouth News on the 8th April 2016

I was recently cycling in Suffolk and at one point looked across a prairie-size field with no sign of life […]