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Plant a tree
It is good for the air, can keep you cool, and can increase your property value.

EU referendum: Britain’s biggest environmental charities using public cash to call for In vote

An In/Out vote on Britain’s EU membership will be held before the end of 2017 Photo: Alamy

Published on The Telegraph website on 7th March 2016 By Ben Riley-Smith, Political Correspondent


Friends of the Earth, The Wildlife Trusts and Greenpeace accused of leaving donors ‘infuriated’ by openly campaigning for In vote despite guidance


Nature Studies: The environmental case for staying in Europe

Published in The Independent on Monday 1st February 2016 Story by Michael McCarthy

You may never have heard of Dibden Bay. It is a part of the western coastline of Southampton Water, which means – as you’ll see if you look at a map – that it is right on the eastern coastline of […]

France defends 'imperfect' fossil fuel sponsors for Paris climate summit

French climate official says sponsorship of UN climate conference by EDF, Air France, and other big carbon emitters was needed for financial reasons

Published on The Guardian website on 29th May 2015

Air France, along with EDF, Engie and other firms are partly sponsoring the COP21 Paris climate talks in December. Photograph: Stephane de […]